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How much tile do I need?

FAQ: How much tile do I need?

Length (in feet) multiplied by Width (in feet) equals the Area (square footage). It’s best to break up a room into multiple “squares” & then add the totals together to get an idea of how much tile of a particular size you like. Considering house flipping projects & entire home renovations, you will likely need wall tiles, backsplashes, floor tile & other wall & floor coverings. Ask us about our tile buyback policy when you buy. We’re nice like that. 🙂

How do I know how much tile I need for my room(s)?

Tile from every manufacturer comes in a variety of sizes. You will need to measure your room(s) floor & find the square footage of the room. The math is rather simple for square or rectangular rooms, & only slightly more complex for non-square rooms. This wikihow web page shows details on how the math works (click here).  Ask us about our tile buyback policy when you buy. Did we remember to mention the tile buyback program in case you go overboard? 😉

How much tile do I need to tile my walls in the bathroom & kitchen?

You measure walls of tiles exactly the same as your floors. The differences in how many boxes of tile you will need to buy would depend upon a particular size or tile rating. To see “The Tile Rating System” FAQ page, click here for a tile rating system explanation. If you are tiling multiple walls in a single room, you will likely need more wall tiles than floor tiles. You can save quite a few dollars on most bathroom tile jobs by buying wall tiles with a lower rating that floor tiles, but NEVER use wall tiles for floors! Click here for the FAQ on “What are the differences between wall and floor tile”. But seriously, we have a GREAT tile buyback program if you buy too much. Ask us about it when you come in.


IMPORTANT NOTE About How Much Tile You Will Need To Buy:

Some tiles are more fragile than others! EVERY tile is breakable! There will also be some left over tiles for every job. You will need to make cuts that fit between wall seams & therefore you will want a little extra to account for these factors. Keeping a few leftover tiles around in the garage or storage is recommended as some tile styles may be discontinued & changes in die lots & tile tint from the same manufacturer WILL change with every production run which may not be acceptable, aesthetically.

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