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Impressive Prices on Tile (Great Value, Dirt Cheap)

This is No Big Box Store

This is K&S Wholesale Tile. We have the best selection & the best prices on Tile products near the Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo & Pinellas Park areas. We get our stock from the most reputable distributors & manufactures across the world. The big box stores are great for those “everyday things” the “do-it yourself-er” or a tradesman. Who wants the same tile in the gas station bathroom in their kitchen, though? When you want the best prices on tile in Tampa Bay for a much finer product, you come to K&S.

Dirt Cheap Prices On Tile

From Major League Baseball Players, Tampa Bay Buccaneer “Ring of Honor” members, commercial & residential contractors, interior designers, low-budget house flippers or your cousin Ray who got those last 2 feet of “hard-to-match” tile he finally found in our overstock to finish that 2 year old kitchen remodel that we hooked him up with for only a handshake: People in-the-know shop for their dream tile here.

Even if you don’t care about what the tile looks like, you can still find better price on tile at K&S Wholesale Tile. The big box stores carry a little bit of a lot of different items. K&S just carries a lot of Tile. When it needs to be a perfect size, color, design or material, that’s where we shine like glass mosaic in the Florida sun. Are you going for the nicest house on the block? Trying to hit your small budget with top quality tile & 1000’s of designs? You’re going to get the most for your money just like the contractor pulling out of the parking lot right now with a smile on his face. K&S will quote you the lowest prices on tile that needs to be special ordered through our partnered distributors.

Great Value in Large Quantity

Have you been all around town, trying to find something that grabs your attention? Stop by our HUGE new location on US Highway 19 North first. You know what’s out there, wise enough to know what quality does and doesn’t look like and you’re getting “sold” on something you just aren’t excited about. Quit messing around and get the show on the road. Some people just can’t ever be happy. Don’t be one of them. Fall in love with something you are literally going to have to live with. Did we already mention we have the best prices on tile, too?

Tile is Our Specialty

If you can save money or time by going elsewhere for professionals, products, materials or tools, we will. We can refer you to another local business with the same exceptional reputation K&S Wholesale Tile has built with Florida for years. We aren’t in the business of selling you more crap. There will be no pushing shoddy product out the door. This isn’t the “quick buck” business. We are in the people business. Not only so we have impressive prices on tile, but we work with each customers’ unique situation until your project is complete. We know how to treat people. We want you to tell your friends about us when they see how great your new tile looks & have them be glad you did.

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