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More Bang For Your Bathroom

Are You Sitting Down?

Bathroom wall tile, floor tile, shower tile, wall fixtures & glass sinks too. We carry more bathroom renovation products than any other room in the house. While we do carry a vast array of blacksplash styles & colors for kitchens along with killer outdoor tile, our bathroom game is STRONG. We have a vast array of popular & special order bathroom tile products. We have your tile bathroom walls & floor covered all the way down to Toilet Wax Ring kits.

More Bang For Your Bathroom Tile & More

The only place in your bathroom for anything crappy belongs in the commode. Renovating the bathrooms in a residential home is one of the two best rooms to increase property value. You live Florida. You need tile in your bathroom. It doesn’t have to be hard to look at to get a great price.

Removing Obstacles to Tiling Your Bathroom

For years, we hear customers say things like “I wish I would have known about your store a long time ago!” or “Are you sure? I don’t want to rip you off…”. That’s how we know you’ll tell your friends. We known you’ll be back. And yea, we hear you whispering things like “As soon we pay, let’s get out of here before they figure out what they charged us”. Silly customers, we aren’t a political party. It’s a secret we want to get out. Tell your friends about us. K&S Wholesale Tile is the best in the business.


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