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Alpha Tile & Stone of Olympia Tile USA Group

Alpha Tile & Stone of Olympia Group (Olympia Tile USA)

Alpha Tile & Stone is a division of Olympia Tile USA, Incorporated.  The Olympia Group is among the largest importers of tile & stone in America, Canada & Mexico for wholesale distribution outlets like K&S. Come into our HUGE Tile Showroom to see all the in-stock & sample special order tile. That’s because Alpha supplied Tile is one of our most popular (& well priced) tile selections. Got a HUGE job? Take a look at the size of the K&S Wholesale Tile showroom. We know ALL about tiling huge areas with different cuts & styles of tile. 😉

Miles of Alpha Tiles at K&S Wholesale Tile

Alpha Tile & Stone keep modern design centers & warehouses filled with a vast inventory of thrilling stone & tile selections. Reportedly, Alpha Tile & Stone has 50 to 60 million square feet of tile & stone at any given moment. K&S Wholesale Tile & Alpha Stone & Tile have literally miles of tiles in unique styles & a variety of sizes. K&S Wholesale Tile is a favorite in Florida for ordering large quantities from the Olympia Tile USA’s network of tile flooring & Tile coverings that make some of the most dependable & highest quality tile products. Alpha Tile & Stone provides K&S with a a killer inventory of exciting tile choices.

Showcase image

Tile Types of Alpha Tile & Stone of The Olympia Group

Floor Tile, Wall Tile, Mosaics, Glass, Stone, Slabs & More; Product development never stops at The Olympia Group; The Olympia Group brags a little about how its perpetually traveling planet Earth to find new trends, new fashions & technologically superior products. That hubris is due to Olympia Group not stopping at Trade show presence. They go the extra milometer because they feel its important to source products in the actual countries of production. Olympia Group actually visits the production facilities to oversee the best possible products on the market are what K&S Wholesale Tile has to offer.

The Alpha Tile & Stone Mission Statement

Showcase image“To provide you the Architect, Designer, Developer, Contractor, Builder, School Boards & Dealers the Best Quality Products at the Best Price Points with the Best Service Available within the industry. We specialize in new construction, renovation, value engineering of products, & providing Eco friendly Green products. Alpha Tile… Elegant Materials… Superior Service.”

Alpha Tile & Stone


Olympia Tile USA Website: http://olympiatile.com/product

Olympia Tile USA YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtylcXZjvqI67OVtN1lWVNw



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