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General Ceramic Tiles

General Ceramic Tiles

For beautiful tile products at sweet prices, General Ceramic Tiles (GCT) finds your budget sweet spot. For all your tile room needs, General Ceramic Tiles knows what’s up. The goal of General Ceramic Tiles is to provide a huge selection of tiles & continuously improve the product line. General Ceramic Tiles offers a depth of inventory, both in stock & special order. The most defining factor of General Ceramic Tiles resides in people who create a real difference in the business.

General Ceramic Tiles Believes: People Make or Break a Product

Have you ever noticed when your sandwich has all the ketchup in one spot of the patty? Or a pizza with a hole from a dough-bubble? A taco with all the ingredients not spread more evenly? Or even a lug-nut that wasn’t tight all the way after a tire rotation? That’s NOT the General Ceramic Tiles way!

General Ceramic Tiles = Trust

As with any business, the suppliers & manufacturers put their trust in wholesalers. A well known & well respected name in The Wholesale Tile Flooring game is General Ceramic Tiles. The brand invokes trust to sell its products to the public. Do your research and find them for less than the competition due to a shared “can do” attitude & partnership between General Ceramic Tiles. You can thank us when you get your quote from a trusted Tile Wholesaler from your area.

The General Ceramic Tiles team is driven & invested in achievement that create a system of Honesty, Approach-ability & Success. It’s just like General Ceramic Tiles strives to be your quality tile products supplier, constantly working towards the satisfaction of customers.

Bathroom Tile by General Ceramic Tiles

Bathrooms: Coordinated floors & walls create complete & integrated design surfaces that enhance homes & businesses with a marked style identity.

GCT can give you that amazing look in your bathroom that will put a smile on your face for years to come. It will also fatten those offers on your flip home.

Marble Tile by General Ceramic Tiles

Marble Tiles: Marble-effect floors are characterized by natural shades & refined aesthetics reproducing the details of the natural material.

Have you ever had friends over to your house & say: “Your place looks great! Did you get a raise?” No? Get your GCT to discover what it feels like. 😉

Outdoor & Patio Tile by General Ceramic Tiles

Patios: Outdoor patio tile is a great option for flooring. Easy to install & able to withstand extreme changes in temperature.

You’ll love finally sitting outside on those gorgeous Florida nights. Enjoy fewer bugs, a smooth surface for tables & chairs with a little less grass to mow.

Stone Look Tile by General Ceramic Tiles

Stone Look: The stone look porcelain floor tiles faithfully reproduces the details of the inspiring material filling the space with naturalness.

When you finally plant roots & buy a home, you want to love it. Stone look tile is something GCT does better than most. Treat yourself. Get “Stoned”.

Wood Look Tile by General Ceramic Tiles; Sold at K&S

Wood Look: The wood look porcelain tile surfaces evoke an original wooden essences with a cutting, sharp & modern character.

If you love that traditional wood floor look, but don’t want all the maintenance, energy loss, repairs & permanent blemishing, get tile that gives you wood!

For more, click here for the complete General Ceramic Tile Portfolio on its website.

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