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International Wholesale Tile (IWT) – Tesoro

International Wholesale Tile (IWT) @ K&S Wholesale Tile

Known for exceptional quality, Tesoro brand tile is imported to our partners at International The Tesoro Collection by International Wholesale Tile - IWT - K&S Wholesale Tile of Tampa Bay Florida sells The Tesoro CollectionWholesale Tile (IWT) & provides K&S Wholesale Tile with a complete line of high-end porcelain, ceramic, stone, glass & other fine tile products & materials. K&S has a special relationship with its most trusted importers that allows us to pass the savings on to our customers.

Ask us about our in-stock Tesoro (The Collection) tile. You can take home some of our Tesoro Collection samples to help decide what’s right for you. On top of that, you can also special order from the robust & beautiful catalog for all of The Tesoro Collection. Show your great taste in tile with a selection of one of the most stylish & sought-after tile products.

The IWT Tile Studio @ International Wholesale Tile, Inc.

The IWT Tile Studio creates high quality finished goods & strives for end-user customer satisfaction. International Whole Tile’s IWT Tile Studio expands the K&S Wholesale Tile product offering. Being an expert in the tile industry International Wholesale Tile “fills the gaps” where many other manufacturers drop the ball. This is especially where the availability of additional sizes for a product line has been a challenge. IWT is a go-to place for bullnose & mosaic tiling products that really tie the room together.

IWT & K&S Wholesale Tile Know What Tile Customers Want: Tesoro

K&S Wholesale Tile LOVES IWT for its ability prevent factory provided bullnose trims that don’t meet customer color expectations. The International Wholesale Tile color matching process includes a thorough & careful analysis of each tiles color & design. This is to formulate & apply from 3 (three) to up to 7 (seven) coating steps to get THE closest color coated edges. Guess what else? That’s right. There is a killer Tesoro Tile Warranty, too (click here for details). This is just part of why Tesoro is a Titan of the Tile Industry.

IWT Rocks at Product Consistency

IWT will cut, profile & finish each ceramic or porcelain piece to create a sturdy, long lasting & coordinating tile product. This helps prevent the hassle of dye-lot issues & shading inconsistencies. These sort of issues are VERY common between manufacturing runs & tends to be severe with cheaply-made tile. IWT claims it has a production capacity of 8000 pieces per shift, cranking out consistent colors & cuts for your next tile floor or walls.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Processes of The Tesoro Collection Tile

IWT takes great efforts to reduce the overall environmental impact & get the most economical benefits during manufacturing of tiling products. The IWT Tile Studio follows the three “R’s” as part of its manufacturing process:

Reduce: Stock field tiles in order to transform existing manufactured goods into desired finished components reducing waste.

Re-use: The highest quantity of materials in order to yield the highest amount of finished goods.

Recycle: Water used during the tile creation process. IWT does this by running it through a closed loop system sending all waste, sludge & cuttings, to be used as by local road construction works.


Website: http://www.internationalwholesaletile.com 

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