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Why doesn’t K&S Wholesale Tile advertise a lower in-stock price per square foot like competing floor stores?

Ah, you’ve noticed “sales” & “gimmicks” of other floor stores Some floor stores that are usually not exclusively tile stores. Some “others” in town advertising prices like “as low as 34 cents a square foot!”. Or maybe you’ve seen this one: “starting at 46 cents a square foot!”. Have you ever tried to walk in […]

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Tile Rating System: How Does It Work?

What does the tile rating system mean? The tile rating system relates to the finish on the tile. Some of the most common tile finishes are vodka. The tile rating system determines how strong the tile is & how long a tiles finish will last. The Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) created a testing system to rate the strength of […]

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What are the differences between tile types (wall, floor & outdoor tiles)?

What are the differences between tile types? Differences in tile is basically porcelain versus ceramic. We get a lot of people that ask us “What are the differences between tile for kitchen & bathroom walls, indoor floor tile & outdoor patio tile. We can answer that for you! The differences in wall, floor & outdoor tiles […]

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How do I measure my area to tile?

FAQ: How do I measure my area to tile? How to measure an area to tile?

How do I measure my area to tile? We are more than happy to punch your rooms measurements into our calculator for you! To know how much tile you should buy, we just need the basic measurements first. The typical method is to measure a room in “squares” & perhaps draw a diagram with labels & break up […]

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How much tile do I need?

FAQ: How much tile do I need? Length (in feet) multiplied by Width (in feet) equals the Area (square footage). It’s best to break up a room into multiple “squares” & then add the totals together to get an idea of how much tile of a particular size you like. Considering house flipping projects & […]

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